Date日期: 09.09.2021

Platform平台: Google Meet

Attendee参与者: Liew Yu Chan, Verdon Tan

Reported from various associations regarding their industries were facing hardship and suffering during the pandemic. They hope the government could offer them a grant around RM3k to RM5k or either reduced all sources of tax like RPGT, income tax, import duty, business license, quit rent, assessment, and etc in order to trigger the economy and reduce the burden of the industries.

来自各个协会的报告称,在大流行期间,他们的行业正面临艰辛和苦难。 他们希望政府可以向他们提供大约 3000 至 5000 令吉的补助金,或者减少所有税收来源,如房地产利得税、所得税、进口税、营业执照、退租等以刺激经济和减轻行业的负担。