Time时间: 3.00pm

Place地点: YB William Leong Selayang Office

Attendee出席者:Leong Foo Yew, Poh Kok Hwa, Tan Tham Sung, Chong Cheng Wah.

Re: (i) Request MPS postpones the date of relocation of heavy machinery owners,
(ii) Heavy machinery owners expect MPS to be able to place them at the appropriate industrial sites so they can continue their trade. Heavy machinery owners are willing to pay a reasonable rental to MPS if this proposal can be implemented.
课题: (i) 希望士拉央市议会能延期重型机械业主搬迁日期 (ii) 希望士拉央市议会能提供重型机械业者更适合的工业地段即便需要缴付合理的租金给市议会也不是问题。