E-DAFTAR will go ahead as schedule,JPJ will ‘NOT’ postpone their program. 陆路交通局指定认可的电子注册软件会依期进行,绝不会延展其计划。Please download请下载参阅:JPJ E-DAFTAR LETTER[1] & JPJ E-DAFTER LETTER -2[1]

For those who are importers & dealers in heavy construction machineries would like to know more about the e-daftar – JPJ link up Registration fees, please do not hesitate to contact our committee Mr. K.K.Kan at 019-3347337 or Mr. Verdon at 016-3380580. 

重型机械买卖车商欲了解有关电子注册软件事宜,请联络我们的委员Mr. K.K.Kan – 019-3347337 或 Mr. Verdon – 016-3380580.

JPJ e-registration Training on 26.05.2010, 10.30am at Association.