Malaysia Heavy Construction Equipment Owners Association (PAJPBM) meeting with PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC) to have a discussion and gain insights related to labour productivity challenges and opportunities within the Construction sector.
The Malaysia Productivity Corporation (MPC) has appointed PwC to conduct a study to develop implementation strategies for the Construction and Built Environment Productivity Nexus set up under MPC.
马来西亚重型建筑机械业主公会 (PAJPBM) 与PwC代表进行线上会议,就建筑行业的劳动生产率挑战和机遇进行讨论并获得见解。
Date日期 : 28.10.2022
Time时间 : 10.00 am
Venue地点 : Virtual
The detailed agenda is as follows详细议程如下:
1. To understand key issues affecting labour productivity in the sector了解影响该行业劳动生产率的关键问题
2. To gain a better understanding on workforce limitations given that the sector is labour intensive鉴于该行业是劳动密集型行业,更好地了解劳动力限制
3. To gain insight regarding regulations that impact labour productivity in the sector深入了解影响该行业劳动生产率的法规
4. To understand your view on the desired scale of technology adoption and the current state of the tech landscape within the sector了解您对期望的技术采用规模以及该行业的技术格局现状的看法