Date日期 : 20.08.2022 

Venue地点 :马华大厦 M1, M2 &M3, Mezzanine Floor, Wisma MCA, No. 163, Jalan Ampang.

Attendee出席者:Leong Foo Yew, Verdon Tan

Proposal to INSAP :
As we know, we are facing a global economy challenge mostly stemmed from post-pandemic affect as well as Russian-Ukraine war. This is precisely the time of testing that would make or break a person or a country.

One of the most important aspects that may require our government’s attention is strengthening of our currency. Most of the construction equipments that are available in our market are imported. The strength of our currency plays a vital role in determining our purchasing power parity. If our currency continues to weaken against USD, there will be major consequences within our sector.

Labor shortage has become a very hot topic among many sectors including ours. The construction equipment sector relies heavily on foreign worker as our equipment operators, mechanics, and assistant. With our currency weakening, we find ourselves unable to attract foreign worker to continue working in this country. This is also made worst by our confusing foreign worker policy that keep changing and also a very long processing time to bring in foreign worker.

Import duties of construction equipment in our country remain one of the highest among South East Asia countries. This issue has been brought up numerous times through various organizations with no solution thus far. While prices of construction equipment continue to increase at an exponential rate, the high import duty in our country will inevitably exert unnecessary burden towards contractors and equipment traders alike. Therefore, we would humbly request that the Ministry of Finance to consider lowering import duty of construction equipment to 0% on both new and old equipments.


众所周知,我们面临的全球经济挑战主要源于新冠病毒大流行后的影响以及俄乌战争。 这正是考验决定个人或一个国家成败的时候。

可能需要我们政府关注的最重要方面之一是加强我们的货币。 我们市场上的大部分建筑机械都是进口的。 我们货币的强弱在确定我们的购买力平价方面起着至关重要的作用。 如果我们的货币兑美元继续走弱,将对我们的行业产生重大影响。

劳工短缺已成为我国许多行业的热门话题。 建筑设备行业严重依赖外劳作为我们的设备操作员、机械师和助理。 随着我国货币贬值,业者发现自己无法吸引外外劳继续在这我国工作。 我国不断变化更新的外国工人政策以及引入外劳的处理时间也很长,这也使情况变得更糟。

我国建筑机械的进口关税仍然是东南亚国家中最高的国家之一。 这个问题已经通过各种组织多次提出,至今没有解决方案。 在建筑机械价格继续呈指数级上涨的同时,我国高昂的进口关税势必会给承包商和机械贸易商带来不必要的负担。 因此,我们恳请财政部考虑将新旧设备的进口关税降低至0%。