INTERMAT & CONCRETE ASEAN which will take place at IMPACT Exhibition & Conference Center, Hall 5-6 in Bangkok the 6-8 September 2018

Exhibitors will be presenting new perspectives on Construction and Concrete. Last year, the exhibition gathered more than 230 international companies and 4 800 visitors from 43 countries such as South Korea, Japan, India, Malaysia, Singapore, Vietnam, Philippines, Indonesia and more.

As a Marketing and Fair Trade Assistant at the Malaysian French Chamber of Commerce (MFCCI), I am in charge of this events’ promotion. The Chamber of Commerce is a non-profit organization where we help local companies to boost their activities.

Therefore I believe we have a common goal which is to enhance the heavy construction & concrete industry in Singapore and give local companies the opportunities to develop and grow their business.

Thus I would really appreciate if you could collaborate with us on the promotion of this 2 trade shows. I don’t ask for much : You can support us by sharing the enclosed press release about INTERMAT ASEAN and CONCRETE ASIA 2018. I am convince those shows will draw your contacts’ attention.

Thank you in advance and feel free to contact me or visit their websites : &

Warm regards,